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is this playable on the valve index

where is the ininstructions


This game is so good. It's honestly one of my absolute VR indiegames so far. Im so hoping that you continue on with this game, as I would love to play more of it!

Good job! :D

Thank you very much for this video Myroscope :) !

I seem to be having some trouble playing this game in VR. When I launch the game, it opens on my monitor and I only see a grey area in my headset. I am using an Oculus Rift S if that gives you any more information. If you know how I can fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hello CaptainObnoxious, sorry for the delay.

Do you still have some problem to play the game ?

Architect Team.

Yeah. I'm still unfortunately unable to get the game to launch in VR. It only launches on my desktop.

The same thing is happening to me

Same here. Also Rift 

i have rift s

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same with rift S


The concept and theme of this game is soooo cooooo! Can't wait to see more! What's the plan for the next steps ? Do you have a roadmap ?

Thank you for your feedback HugoFram ! We don't know yet what will happen next, but be sure that we keep you informed of our plan :) !


Salut la Team Architect,

Voici une chouette vidéo pour vous et merci encore de cetyte interview et expérience incroyable.

Surtout gardez la forme pour les examens et cartonner un max !

Que le Grand Architect soit avec vous

Maxime De Haeck alias Tonton Hafniar


Merci pour la vidéo Maxime ;) !


Avec plaisir :) continuez à cartonner comme cela !